Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun things to do when you're pregnant #3

Go to a beach in a bikini. This works particularly well if you are extremely pale, that way others can bask in the reflection off your belly once they regain their sight. One tip, though: have your significant other dig a hole in the mid-towel range so you can lie on your belly. You can roll over when unsuspecting people walk by and scare them. This is even more fun if there are preteen boys around to scar for life.


tuesday said...

So? Where is the picture?

Jeff said...

This thread is useless without PICTURES!!!

Of course I can always use my imagination but then it would include three turkey vultures, two cans of SPAM, ticket stubs from a 1984 Billy Idol concert, a ball of yarn, and Firestone Tire. (one of the ones that blew out)

All the other stuff messes with the mental image.

OH, BTW, did I mention Kim and I are purchasing a place? Woo-Hoo!! Property Taxes here we come!!

BH said...

I agree - photos are definitely in order here!

brony said...

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